Systec Mediaprep, 10 - 120 Litres

Automatic media preparators (nutrient media preparators and nutrient media sterilizers) optimized for the preparation, sterilization and sterile filling of liquids, such as agar culture media, peptone water and buffer solutions or other sterile liquid media. Available in seven different sizes for 10 to 120 liters of media. Featuring an improved heating performance, rapid re-cooling, a magnetic stirrer, an inner container, temperature-interlocked dispensing nozzles and bushings for filling and supplying additives. The optimized automation regulates process times and ensures that the sterile media are of high quality.

Features :

  • Easy and safe to handle.
  • Heating and cooling systems are highly effective.
  • Large vessels are just as easy to handle as compact ones.
  • Quickly heated, quickly cooled.
  • 5.7" touch display - for simple and intuitive operation
  • 7 predefined programmes, up to 100 programmes can be created and saved
  • Exchangeable media vessel
  • Integrated compressor for sterile-filtered support pressure in the cooling phase
  • Continuous mixing via magnetic stirrer
  • Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor
  • USB interface for external documentation