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Biogas, Landfill and Digester Gas

Biogas is an extremely valuable renewable energy resource and is becoming increasingly more important in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels to produce energy.

The main combustible component, like natural gas, is methane (CH4) which can power an engine generator.

Monitoring of oxygen levels within the process is required to ensure anaerobic conditions are maintained in the digester and that the methane/oxygen mix does not reach explosive levels. If increasing oxygen levels are detected, then it indicates an air leak into the system with the likely risk of a potential explosive hazard.

Other gases present include hydrogen sulphide (H2S), a highly toxic and corrosive gas that needs to be monitored to prevent plant damage
and health risks.

By meticulously monitoring and controlling the biogas quality using the sophisticated analyzers, the whole process can be safely optimized to produce the best return on investment from this increasingly important renewable energy commodity.

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