Pass Through / Double Door Autoclave

Pass-Through Autoclaves (Double Door)

Systec H-Series 2D. Pass-Through Autoclaves (Double Door). Various Capacities: 90 – 1580

For use under the most stringent clean room and safety conditions

  • For biological safety laboratories. Fitting as a sterilization and pass-through lock for protecting the external environment.
  • For clean rooms in laboratories and production facilities as a sterilization and pass-through lock separating sterile and non-sterile areas.
  • Operation, however, can be carried out from both sides, the position (open or closed) of the opposite door being indicated on the display


  • Highest requirement with regard a safety, precision and validatable sterilization process.
  • Housing, support frame and pressure vessel made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Sterilization temperatures up to 140°C, steam pressure up to 4 bar (optional: 150°C / 5 bar).
  • Touch-Screen control and fully automatic with micro-processor control
  • All fittings and valves in the supply lines (from media connection to sterilization chamber) for demineralized water, steam or compressed air are made of stainless steel.
  • Up to 100 sterilization programs for different sterilization tasks
  • Flexible PT-100 temperature sensor (class A).
  • Additional temperature sensor in condenses exhaust.
  • Integrated, separate steam generator.
  • Network and USB ports for external data transfer. Integrated feature for comprehensive batch documentation, with export as PDF and CSV



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