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TESCAN VEGA for Material Science

VEGA compact SEMCompact analytical SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) for routine materials characterization, research and quality control applications at the micron scale.

Proving that entry-level doesn’t have to mean compromising on results, TESCAN VEGA Compact offers a complete analytical SEM solution for laboratories that place a priority on both easy operation and quick time to high quality images and compositional (EDS) analysis.

TESCAN VEGA Compact features a simplified configuration that includes only the most critical components for efficiently capturing morphological and elemental data, allowing TESCAN VEGA Compact to occupy a smaller footprint in the lab. With the ability to accommodate large-sized samples that are common in industry, materials science and semiconductors — like metallurgical cross-sections, welded structures, or printed circuit boards – TESCAN VEGA Compact is a great choice for not only your current materials inspection, quality control and failure analysis needs, but also your future analytical needs.

TESCAN VEGA Compact operates from TESCAN’s own full-featured graphical user interface, TESCAN Essence™, which is at the heart of all TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM instruments. An operator who learns on TESCAN VEGA Compact can easily make the transition to other TESCAN microscopes or adapt some features of the Essence software environment to match the GUI of other instruments in the lab.

TESCAN VEGA for Material Science

Analytical SEM for routine materials characterization, research and quality control applications at the micron scale.

TESCAN VEGA’s 4th generation Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with tungsten filament electron source combines SEM imaging and live elemental composition analysis in a single window of TESCAN’s Essence™ software.

This combination significantly simplifies acquisition of both morphological and elemental data from the sample, making VEGA SEM an efficient analytical solution for routine materials inspection in quality control, failure analysis and research labs.

Key Benefits SEM TESCAN VEGA for Material Science

  • Analytical platform featuring fully integrated TESCAN Essence™ EDS, which efficiently combines SEM imaging with elemental composition analysis in a single Essence™ software window.
  • Optimum imaging and analytical conditions immediately available thanks to TESCAN’s unique apertureless optical design powered by In-flight Beam Tracing™.
  • Effortless and precise SEM navigation on the sample at magnifications as low as 2× without the need for an additional optical navigation camera due to the unique Wide Field Optics™ design.
  • SingleVac™ mode as a standard feature for observing charging and beam-sensitive samples.
  • Intuitive and modular Essence™ software designed for effortless operation regardless of a user’s experience level.
  • Ultimate safety of the chamber mounted detectors when the stage and sample are in motion is guaranteed with Essence™ 3D Collision model.
  • Optional vacuum buffer significantly reduces vacuum rotary pump run-time to deliver both ecological and economic benefits.
  • The modular analytical platform which can be optionally equipped with the widest selection of fully integrated detectors (e.g. CL, Water-cooled BSE or RAMAN spectrometer).
SEM TESCAN VEGA for Material Science

Feature of SEM TESCAN VEGA for Material Science

EDS elemental map of ancient plaster captured with Essence™ EDS

Grains in metal foam

Mechanically polished cross-section of solder ball

Observation of the charging materials in SingleVac mode – ceramic (4Q BSE detector – Color mode)

Porosity of a ceramic

ZnP particles in Al substrate

Ductile fracture of metal specimen after the sharpy V test imaged at 20 keV with SE detector

Adhesion of the thermal-spray coating based on hard-particles mixed with metallic matrix imaged at 30 keV with BSE detector

Crystals which grew on the surface of the turbine-blade from Ni-base superalloy after the exposure to working conditions at high temperatures (imaged at 10 keV with SE detector)

The microstructure of AlCuPbMg alloy containing alpha phase-grains with visible Cu-rich precipitates imaged at 7 keV with BSE detector

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