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Package Leak Detectors

Get efficient leak, seal, and burst testing of your packages for total package integrity

Package leak detectors ensure that seal integrity problems are identified. This is a vital part of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) quality control, since compromising the protective atmosphere will cause a reduction in the shelf-life of MAP products.

AMETEK MOCON ’s range of package leak equipment provides an opportunity to:

  • Make fast and accurate seal integrity testing
  • Minimize the risk of undetected integrity problem
  • Define proper leak levels, hole sizes and test seal strength

Our leak detectors increase the speed of production and minimize the risk of undetected package integrity problems that result in unwanted returns and damaged customer relationships.

We provide both on-line and off-line package leak detectors. Select a product from the list below to discover more or ask us about getting an audit of your MAP process.

Find suitable device below :