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On-line RO (MAP) Gas Analyzers

MAP Package gas analyzers for quality assurance and gas flushing control

Dansensor’s online MAP gas analyzers continuously extract and monitor packaging gas from the Modified Atmosphere Packaging line to ensure that the equipment and gas mixing system deliver a desirable protective atmosphere which meets the requirements for prolonged shelf-life products within the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

The Dansensor series of on-line gas analyzers are equipped with user-friendly touch-screen interfaces and offer excellent data-logging and traceability options, which make them suitable for:

  • MAP Quality Assurance
  • Control of gas flushing processes
  • Streamlining Modified Atmosphere Packaging processes

Compared to quality control, an on-line gas analyzer is a cost-effective solution which minimizes the use of excess packaging gas and reduces the need for time-consuming repackaging of products.

Select an on-line gas analyzer from the list below to discover more or ask us about getting an audit of your MAP process.

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