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Bellingham + Stanley offers one of the largest choices of digital refractometers in the world today. All refractometers are made and tested to the highest standards using Bellingham + Stanley’s 100 years of experience in the field of refractometry; so, whether you require a high-end digital touchscreen refractometer for measuring chemicals in a lab, or a handheld refractometer for measuring honey at a beehive you can feel confident you have the right instrument for the job.

All refractometers are supplied with a unique serial number and Certificate of Calibration ensuring every instrument you buy may be traced to NIST and ICUMSA standards.

Digital refractometers from Bellingham + Stanley’s cover many different applications. Specification varies from customer to customer which is why a range of refractometers have been designed; offering a wide measuring range up to 1.70 RI with touchscreen interface on the highest spec model.

With USB connectivity and easy-to-use software as standard throughout the range, as well as a team of experts to support you before and after purchase, Bellingham + Stanley offers peace of mind as well as accurate, repeatable results.

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