Gas Mixer

Get the right gas mixture and flow rate using our Gas Mixers for Modified Atmosphere Packages. We offer gas mixers for CO2, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon gases.

The right mixture of gases is vital to the freshness and appearance of MAP products. Therefore, working with Modified Atmosphere Packaging requires gas blending equipment with the capacity to deliver the right gas mixture at the appropriate flow rate. This is essential to avoid dilution and achieve complete flushing.

The Dansensor line of gas mixers allows for operators to:

  • Achieve an appropriate flow rate
  • Obtain the right mix of CO2, O2, N2, and Ar
  • Control and automatically adjust gas pressure

Delivering Modified Atmosphere Packaging products with the correct gas mixture is key to prolonging the shelf-life of food, beverage and pharmaceuticals and in this process; the right gas blending system is indispensable.

Select a gas mixer from the list below to discover more or ask us about getting an audit of your MAP process.

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