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SEM Solutions for Earth Sciences and Natural Resources

TESCAN TIMA is a dedicated solution for automated mineralogical analysis requirements in Earth sciences studies as well as industrial mineral processing.

Now in its fourth generation, TESCAN TIMA has improved ease of use and delivers ultra-fast analysis to speed the time to trustworthy and reproducible data. Up to four EDS detectors work simultaneously to increase sample processing throughput, while TESCAN’s unique, high sensitivity spectral summing algorithm assures accurate quantification for low abundance elements. And TIMA data is easily correlated with other techniques for mineral characterization.

Process samples faster and speed your time to data with simultaneous use of up to four EDS detectors with digital pulse processors.
Quantify the presence of low abundance elements accurately using TESCAN’s patented, high sensitivity spectral summing algorithm.
Identify and quantify minerals automatically—even without extensive experience—using algorithm-generated, or user-defined rules and the built-in mineralogical database.
Pinpoint the locations of specific minerals using TIMA’s automated search for minerals of interest.
Free instrument time for interactive microanalysis by taking advantage of the offline data processing capability with access to all elemental maps.

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