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Ametek-Mocon (Dansensor)

Pioneer – 50 years designing, developing, selling and servicing precision gas measurement instrument for critical applications. Primary technologies focus on gas analysis and control. Dansensor founding expertise was based in gas analysis and measurement, which have been applied to develop world-leading Permeation Analyzers, Headspace MAP Gas Analyzers, Leak Detectors, Gas Mixers, and On-line MAP Gas Analyzers and Controllers.

Ametek Mocon (Dansensor) are company that in just 25 years has become a world leader in one of the most promising technologies to hit the food industry in decades: Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).
A way to pack quality into food products and keep it there. Dansensor comes straight from tradition to make the region synonymous in many people’s minds with fresh natural products, with food that’s real food and not just artificial ingredients, and with high-quality well-engineered products.

Dansensor delivers Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) testing equipment for quality control and quality assurance in the food industry and other businesses worldwide that package their products in protective gas atmospheres.

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