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Safety Cabinet for Professional – Claire® pro

claire-pro-bio-cyto-toxic-safety-cabinetGOOD, BETTER, CLAIRE PRO


The Claire pro sets completely new standards for safety cabinets by the sum of the presented components and features in terms of performance, function and design.

The combination of the broadest spectrum of options up to customer-specific unique designs opens up limitless possibilities for individual applications and highest safety levels, achieved by no other product on the market.




The Claire pro sets completely new standards for safety cabinets by the sum of the presented components and features in terms of performance, function and design.

The combination of the broadest spectrum of options up to customer-specific unique designs opens up limitless possibilities for individual applications and highest safety levels, achieved by no other product on the market.

The Power of Innovation in Biological / Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet


Protection Shield

The multiple award-winning “Shield Design” testifies high quality design, which combines by way of example innovation with form and function.


Touch Display

Intuitive operation and user-friendly menu navigation.


Innovative LED light technology

Apart from the LED lighting of the working space, laterally arranged LED light bands and the illuminated window edge in the view of the user visualise the operating state or alarms and guarantee the highest security.



Detection system for the movements of persons and resulting air perturbation near the work opening creates clear warnings and raises awareness of the laboratory personnel.



Particularly quiet, bright operating conditions, individually adjustable work surface height and optimum legroom even for 3-filter cabinets due to the particularly compact design of the first main filter.



Innovative technology & Auto On-Off function reduces the operating costs by up to 84%.

custom made


Using our own research, development and construction, we can implement individual customised requirements.

Options or customer-specific designs – Claire pro safety cabinets gives limitless possibilities.

Filter Technology

Filter technology

New HEPA cartridge filters for even lower sound levels and energy consumption.

quality seal

Quality seal

Multiple award-winning product design in the selection criterias – degree of innovation, safety, sustainability, aesthetics, industrial feasibility an implementation.

2 or 3 Filter System Biological / Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

Biosafety cabinet 3 filter claire pro


blower safety cabinet

Fluid mechanics

Air distribution, cross-sections and filters have
been optimised resulting in the lowest possible flow resistance in order to achieve a more efficient air-flow. This reduces the load on the fans which saves
valuable energy.

Top quality components

Premium quality components like EC-fans, LED lighting technology and a LED touch display reduce the active energy consumption enormously


ecomode safety cabinet

Eco Mode

Intelligent control and monitoring technology reduces all consumers with one touch to a minimum.


catridge filter bio safety cabinet

New HEPA cartridge filters

Improved operating characteristics significantly reduce energy consumption and sound level thanks to new suction nozzle and air distribution. Resulting longer service life of filters saves additional costs

Best Design of Biological / Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

airflow safety cabinet

Filters are the most safety relevant components in safety cabinets. They make up the most important barrier for people, the environment and the product.

As part of a research project we were able to fluid mechanically optimize the HEPA-cartridge filters used in the 3-filter systems. Thanks to a newly designed intake port and air ducts the operating properties have been improved. Noise level and energy consumption have been reduced. The filter life has been optimised.

Proven properties have remained the same :

  • Small size and compact design
  • Maximum legroom in 3-filter-systems
  • 50% reduced changing and test expenditure compared to traditional filter systems
  • Possibility of a low contamination filter change in accordance to DIN 12980:2016
  • Fit into many standard waste disposal containers or autoclaves

The touch display is the central interface and control unit for the user. The touch display of the new generation is intuitive in its operation with a self-explanatory menu. Premium quality pictograms and a puristic design speak a clear language.

The superior TFT-display with LED background lighting is arranged in a central position and within easy reach. The display can be easily read from a sitting as well as a standing position.

All safety-related parameters such as airflow velocities and front screen position are displayed as large graphical images. Errors are shown clearly, and potential corrective actions are suggested.

The distinguishing feature of the touch display of the new generation of safety cabinets is the intuitive operation and extremely user-friendly menu navigation- it’s easy!

Model of Biological / Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet Claire Pro

claire pro safety cabinet

2 Filter System

Biological Safety Cabinet

  • Claire pro B-2-130
  • Claire pro B-2-160
  • Claire pro B-2-190

3 Filter System

Biological Safety Cabinet

  • Claire pro B-3-130
  • Claire pro B-3-160
  • Claire pro B-3-190

Cytotoxic Cabinet

  • Claire pro C-3-130
  • Claire pro C-3-160
  • Claire pro C-3-190

Technical Data of Biological / Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet Claire Pro

General data


Laboratory device

Type of device

Cytostatic safety cabinet or biological safety cabinet

Type of construction

DIN 12980; DIN EN 12469; NSF 49



Quality management system

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Certified test mark

TÜV-GS (all models except Claire pro B/C-3-160)
General technical data

Nominal illuminance

0-1.100 lux

Vibration (RMS) on worktops

≤ 5μm

Sound pressure level to ISO 11201

49 to 59 dB(A)
Depending on operating mode and model size

Material specific data

Material workspace

1.5 mm stainless steel „V2A“, material no.: 1.4301

Surface finish work space

320 grit fine finish, mean roughness index Ra ≈ 1.6 μm

Material casing

Powder-coated 1.5 mm Zincor steel sheet, material no.: 1.0330

Front-, side and back panel

Multi-layer safety glass with UV-light absorbing interlayer
Electrical data

Rated voltage/ Rated frequency

230 V AC / 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

85 – ca. 600 W
Depending on operating mode, type of application and model size, without internal consumers

Mechanical data

Width, outer

1352, 1654 und 1957 mm


2008-2277 mm


815 mm

Installation dimension

1996 x 815 mm

Worktop height

(7 levels) 683-952 mm
Ventilation data

Flow rate of exhaust or inflow air

330 – 490 m³/h
Depending on operating mode and model size

Flow rate of exhaust air (with feedback-free duct connection)

450 – 600 ± 50 m³/h
Depending on operating mode and model size

Filter classes (with main, recirculation & exhaust filter)

Min. H 14 (Filtration rate: E ≥ 99,995%), gem. DIN EN 1822-1
Integral degree of filtration as minimum filtration efficiency for max. penetration,
with particles of the Most Penetrating Particle Size (MPPS)

Cleanroom class in workspace

EG-GMP-Guidelines: A; DIN EN ISO 14644-1: ISO-Class 5

Optional Waste Transfer Aerosol-Tight


Dangerous chemical and biological waste from safety cabinets deserve special attention. The ability to transfer waste without leaving the safe workspace of the safety cabinet is the key to minimising cross-contamination.

The, for the Claire specially adapted, waste disposal unit BERNER SealSafe® Sensor+ has been designed for receiving and air-tight sealing of waste.

Automatic transport of foil tube sealing after sealing process. Electrically operated sliding pane closes the waste chute safely.

Contactless operation
Contactless operation

Using sensor technology, LED illumination function of the deposit chute, lateral deposit chute is easily accessible. Deposit chute on left or right.

Cut and seal facility
Cut and seal facility

No cross-contamination protection and
spill risk. Minimises release of aerosols and cross-contamination. Waste disposal in sterile and safe environment.

Easy change of foil tube

Individual waste bag sizes possible. 3-layer polyethylene foil tube with high barrier properties (e.g. for cytostatics > 7 days).

seal safe

Extension provides additional storage space for foil tubes, single-use material, PPE etc (1)



Convenient pull-out waste container (2)



Safe transfer and storage, up to inactivation in the aerosol-tight foil tube. No dangerous waste in any work areas. (3)

Optional & Accesories

Various interfaces and additional power sockets

Interfaces allow to connect different kinds of devices within the safety cabinet. Therefore, type and quantity of the interfaces are different according to the need. Find some of the interfaces of our assortment here.

Interfaces :

  • RS 232 -> Important data (for example, from a balance, keyboard, etc.) can be send with the integrated RS-232 Data Link from the working space to the data processing system.
  • USB/USB 3.0 -> Integrated universal interface for connecting peripheral devices such as keyboard, printer, balance, etc. outside of the working space and laterally disposed of the safety cabinet with your data processing system. Mechanically stable and simple plug-in connection with fast data transfer rate. Gross data transfer rate USB 3.0: 500 mb/s
  • CAT 5 -> Integrated interface for signal transmission with high data transfer rates. It enables the exchange of data between a local area network (LAN) connected devices (computers, printers, etc.).
  • PS/2 -> Serial interface for input devices such as Keyboard and mouse.
  • 8 P -> Push/Pull Interface realised from working space to the roof (Roxtec). 8P push-pull -> circular connector connections. For Claire safety cabinets, for example, for connecting compounders or other
  • Ethernet -> Integrated dual interface for signal transmission with high data transfer rates. It enables the exchange of data between connected devices (computers, printers, etc.)in a local area network (LAN).

Powerful systems for UV-C disinfection

The built-in UV C sterilisation system disinfects with a large disinfection effectiveness the workspace thanks to its high performance and shadowfree irradiation. A high irradiance at a wavelength of 254 nm ensures a rapid killing of microorganisms (for example, about 220μW / cm² according to the manufacturer of UV lamps for models with a width of 190 cm).

From this theoretical LD90 values (kill rate: 90%) yield of vegetative bacterial cells and yeast of <2 minutes, bacterial spores (Bacillus subtilis) <5 minutes DNA and RNA viruses gen gen <3 minutes, mushrooms <10 minutes. Few specific exemptions of certain viruses and fungal spores require higher exposure times, so as Aspergillus Niger (spores) about 25 minutes and specific HIV Virus (H9) 40 min.

The appropriate exposure time can be set via the timer on the centrally located touch screen.

Low vibration weighing worktops

Achieved as a mass-spring system the work plate for micro balances provides a very stable, low-vibration area integrated into the safety cabinet. For undisturbed exact weighing or for other vibration sensitive analytical instruments.

The weighing top has a size of 313 x 600 mm and is made from 1,5 mm thick stainless steel.

The vibration (RMS) could be significantly reduced with the Low-Vibration-System below 5µm (benchmark in relevant technical standards).

The low-vibration area is indicated by a balance symbol.


Isokinetic sampling probe for particle monitoring

Continuous particle monitoring

Determination of particle purity class in the working space of a safety cabinet – or horizontal cabinet or an isolator

  • Monitoring the particle purity class A in the working space
  • Integration of a fixed or mobile isokinetic sampling probe

Exhaust air connection Exhaust Duct Flex for connection and feedback-free operation of air exhaust systems

The exhaust air connection FlexDuct ensures feedback-free coupling of safety cabinets to an exhaust air system acc. DIN 12980 and DIN EN 12469.

Outstanding features:

  • Very low total exhaust air volume flow reduces the operating costs significantly by upto 50%
  • Especially for ceiling heights > 2,8 m
  • Ideal for use with height adjustable base frames
  • Free of negative feedback, therefore always maximum personal protection
  • Flexible placement of the safety cabinet according to the lab conditions
  • Safety dampers enable the visual control of safe operating conditions
  • Via safety flaps adjustment of optimum exhaust air volume flow without measurements is possible
  • Fast deinstallation for exhaust air filter check

Important requirements:

  • The distance of the safety cabinet to the wall needs to be at least 7 cm for the safety flaps to open correctly in case of ventilation system failure.
  • The air ventilation system needs to be designed for a total exhaust air volume flow of : 600 +/ – 50 m³/h.
  • A circular connection to the ventilation system with a diameter of 250 mm above the safety cabinet in the ceiling or wall should be in a distance of not more than 4 m.
  • The air ventilation system must monitor the set value of the volume flow. Unsafe conditions have to be indicated by visual and acoustic warning signals.

Various connections for liquid and gaseous media

Connections are possible for a wide range of gaseous and liquid media. These can be easily integrated. Laboratory fittings are ergonomic and can be integrated into the left side panel or back panel.

Some examples :

  • flammable gases
  • non-flammable gases
  • process water
  • compressed air
  • carbon dioxide, CO2
  • nitrogen
  • drinking water
  • demineralised water
  • ultrapure water

Worktops for safety cabinets

Worktops facilitate the cleaning of the safety cabinet. Depending on requirements and demands, you can create your safety cabinet with different worktops in various versions.

These are some examples of worktops :

  • with variuos width sizes
  • with different coutings depending on the application area
    • Teflon
    • Halar
  • with integrated sinks
    with drop facility, left or right

Some examples of worktops :

teflon-vs-316 ssWorktop with teflon couting (left) and stainless steel (right)
sink worktopIntegrated sinks in worktops in the safety cabinet

Integrated Full HD 22 flat screen for safety cabinets

22″ flatscreen monitor, format 16:9, flush-mount integrated in the central position of the backside of the work space inside the safety cabinet. Ergonomic viewpoint and distance to the user, minimised reflection, cleaning according to GMP-guidelines.

Technical data :

  • Active screen area: 475.2 x 267.3 mm
  • Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Signal Input: D-Sub analog, DVI-D digital
  • Contrast: 5000:1
  • Colours: 16,7 million
  • Brightness:
  • 300cd/m² min.
    Viewing angle H: 178°/178°
  • Response time: 20 ms


Electric height adjustable base frame

Individual height for various user profils

The electric height-adjustable base frame for Claire®-safety cabinets is designed for flexible seated or standing working positions. You can achieve worktop heights between 770 and 1070 mm (±5 mm).

Forced postures are avoided and health and safety at work is improved. The base frame guarantees stability and ergonomics

Note :

  • A minimum clear room height of 2490 mm is required. When clear room height is less than 2490 mm please order a suitable hoist limiting.
  • On purchase the standard base frame and filter housing will be substituted.
  • The article can not be combined with a GMP-Cover. A flexible connection is possible with an exhaust air connection of the Exhaust Flex Duc-Series.

electrical base frame stand

Keyboard and printer shelf for safety cabinets

Keyboard shelves for the safety cabinet Claire®

  • High quality powder-coated sheet steel
  • Colour black (RAL 9005)
  • User-friendly, with no rough edges
  • Easy to clean
  • Mountable optional left or right outside of the safety cabinet
  • Swiveling
  • Measures: 345 x 170 mm

Printer shelves for the safety cabinet Claire®

  • For mounting on the left or right on the outside of the safety cabinet
  • Measures: 338 x 215 mm
  • Colour: black (RAL 9005)

Printer shelves for the safety cabinet FlowSafe®

  • Blue painted steel (RAL 5024)
  • Mountable optional left or right outside of the safety cabinet
  • Measures: Overall length 253 mm, external depth/ width 208 mm

Please contact us for further explanations and dimensions.

Light microscope with integrated camera in your safety cabinet

Perfect symbiosis

Until now, there are barely optimal technical solutions for light microscopic work that meet the requirements of safety, comfort, function and ergonomicst, e.g. Claire®. Light microscopes are often applied in areas where a sterile work environment is important.

Therefore, the product protection against contamination is required, The handling of living cells in the microscopy, e.g. in the in-vitro fertilization or, in general, in cell culture experiments make high demands on the technology. These are even higher when handling toxic substances and infectious material where additionally personal safety is required for the user.

ipad microscopeConnection to monitor & iPad

The connection of the Primovert HDcam microscope to the large 22“-monitor of the safety cabinet facilitates safe and facile working – no extensive, special window openings for oculars are necessary. Control the microscope from the supplementary Imaging App Labscopefor of the iPad or discuss results with your team.

Product highlights

  • 5 Megapixel HD camera
  • Direct transfer on iPad or monitor in the safety cabinet
  • Control from remote possible
  • Optimal persaonal and product safety

UPS units for safety cabinets

The unit for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used to ensure the maintenance and protection of critical electrical loads in case of disturbances in the power network. The UPS can balance local variations in the mains voltage and frequency or complete blackouts.

  • Backup times of about 14 minutes at 750W

Infrared Loop Sterilizer

Infrared Loop Sterilizer – High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame. Sterimax smart.

High Speed Infrared sterilizer for fast and efficient annealing or sterilizing of inoculation loops and micro-instruments without gas flame. Optimal for use in all kind of laboratories, directly usable in the safety cabinet without affecting their safety function, also under anaerobic working conditions. Special focused infrared light generates an IR hot spot where objects are sterilized in 5-10 seconds at 750-1000 ° C.

The electrical device is designed for a power supply voltage of 230V and ready for immediate use without any preheating. Contactless IR sensor technology starts the sterilization process automatically. Adjustable timers visually and audibly signal the end of the sterilizing and cooling. Fast but gentle soft start of the infrared light with the short burning time and use of residual heat ensure minimal heat dissipation and maximum energy efficiency. The high-quality stainless steel and safety glass with easy to use touch panel ensures a very good cleanability.

Product highlights :

  • Ready to use without heating
  • Auto-start with noncontact IR sensor technology
  • Comfortable touch panel
  • Adjustable sterilization and cooling times for two users
  • Annealing tube made of special quartz glass
  • Easy cleaning of equipment and annealing tube

Scope of delivery: Device using infrared light technology and quartz glass annealing tube 1 inoculating loop holder with inoculating loop 3 mm, holder for inoculating loop, 2 years warranty

Special Designs Customised Solutions

Integrated monitor- and weighing worktop
Integrated monitor- and weighing worktop
Exhaust air cooler
Exhaust air cooler
Integrated RTP-Port
Integrated RTP-Port
Solutions for compounder
Solutions for compounder
Window in back panel
Window in back panel
SC-sluice-isolator corner solution
SC-sluice-isolator corner solution
Traning-SC with computer workstation for two people
Traning-SC with computer workstation for two people
IV-bar in workspace
IV-bar in workspace
Integrated microscope window
Integrated microscope
SC in stainless steel finish
SC in stainless steel finish
FlexDuc for connection to exhaust air system
FlexDuc for connection to exhaust air system
Connected safety cabinets
Connected safety cabinets
Integrated basin into the workspace
Adapted BSS-Claire-transfer port
Adapted BSS-Claire-transfer port
Media- and reactor connections
Lateral integrated drying cabinet
Integrated microscope 2
Integrated microscope
Connection between two SC
Two microscopes integrated into the SC
Two microscopes integrated into the SC
Reactor connections

Marking, Certificate & Award


Test and safety mark according to the German appliance and product safety law. Testing, certification and control by the accredited test house.

Große Bahnstraße 31
D-22525 Hamburg

CE mark

EC directive conformity mark signifies the adherence to the basic safety and health requirements of the relevant EC directive(s).

German Design Award

The safety cabinet Claire receives the German Design Award in the category Excellent Product Design. The German Design Award awards top quality products that present unique design trends and are groundbreaking for the future.

Bundespreis ecodesign

The Claire safety cabinet from Berner is nominated for the award Bundespreis ecodesign. The elimination of the use of plastic in production, the automatic switching to energy saving mode when not in use, and the reduction of power from 500W to 85W and noise levels have all contributed to minimize the environmental impact.

Fraunhofer Clean! Award

BERNER safety cabinet awarded by the Fraunhofer-Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation for innovation, sustainability, enabler-technology for the application areas / technologies and the industrial feasibility / implementation.

Red Dot Design Award

The safety cabinet Claire convinced of clear design language in the category Product Design. The Red Dot is an internationally accepted quality label. Only the best products have received since 1954 the award with the Red Dot.

More Information

Get more information and English brochure for this Bio Safety Cabinet / Cytotoxic Cabinet Claire Pro here!

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